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During the fall of last year, I was experiencing turmoil in the relationship with my Mom (again).  It’s a constant off and on again struggle between her and I, unfortunately.  I haven’t spoken much on my Faith but I am a devout Christian and very involved in my church and close to my church family.  With that being said, as if on cue from God, one morning during service I looked over the church bulletin and noticed there was a class being taught called “Making Peace with your Past”.  Sounded right up my alley so I decided to check it out.  I had no idea the impact this class would have on me…it was the beginning of a huge growth spurt for me emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

When I arrived to class and picked up a copy of my workbook, I read the front of it and realized this was going to be both difficult and rewarding.  The front cover read:

Making Peace with your Past: Help for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families by Tim Sledge

This was a full twelve week session.  Every Tuesday night at 7pm.  I made it a priority to attend and do my best not to miss any classes.  Boy, did I make some breakthroughs.  I learned to focus on my feelings and how to manage them and heal rather than focusing on others and how they treated me.  I couldn’t change them but I could work on myself.

Here is a snippet of what I learned over the 12 week course:

  • Discovering Self Esteem
  • Recognizing Compulsive Behavior
  • Release from Shame
  • Overcoming the Fear of Joy
  • Help for People Who Grew Up Too Soon
  • Perfectionism and Procrastination
  • Healing Painful Memories
  • The Advantages of a Turbulent Past
  • It’s OK to be Yourself
  • Forgiving the People Who Have Hurt You
  • Coming to Terms with the Blessing
  • Reflection and Direction

Ultimately, I learned how to face the painful feelings of my childhood and experience healing.  I would highly recommend this book for anyone that can relate to the bullet points above.  It was a pivotal turning point for me.

I took a follow up class on Codependency which I will post about as a follow up to this one.

There is nothing easy about digging into your feelings and past hurts.  But it’s all about being a better “YOU”.

They aren’t called growing pains for nothin’! 🙂