Well I’ve been at this “blogging thing” now for almost 2 weeks.  A couple friends had been trying to convince me to start this for months now.  Let’s just say one of my best friends caught the blogging bug and was slowing reeling me into the same world of putting thoughts into cyberspace.  I caved….and here I am.

I now starting a little challenge called Blogging 101 and today’s first task was to introduce myself to my readers.  Maybe some of you have read my “About” section or maybe some of you have been here long enough to see my very first post “Hello World”.

Well, let me re-introduce myself and answer some prompted questions from today’s task….

I’m Chelise and this is my blog about my life experiences through various challenges and what I’ve learned from them.  Building healthy boundaries as a recovering codependent.  Learning that it’s ok to have a voice….say what I mean/mean what I say.  Learning and growing into a healthier ME! To that end, what are my objectives?

Why am I blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?  I do both actually.  I have always had a journal but as I mentioned above, it was highly suggested that I start blogging since I’ve done some in-depth soul-searching and grown tremendously through life’s trials and tribulations.  I wanted to share my thoughts with others in hopes they could gain some wisdom from what I’ve been through and how I cope.

What topics will I write about? I’ll be writing about codependency and how I manage my relationships day-to-day knowing this is part of my personality.  I am also a devout Christian so there will be fluid comments regularly intermingled within my writings.

Who would I love to connect with via my blog?  Anyone that finds my musings interesting and gains wisdom from my posts.  I’m always up for meeting new people and making new friends. 🙂

If I blog successfully throughout the next year, what would I hope to have accomplished? I would love to know that I’ve helped at least one person who gained insight from reading about my experiences.  I’ve learned that I’m not alone in my challenges and I’d love for others to relate to that.  To feel the sense of freedom that I do now is what I hope for the next person.

I’m excited to take this challenge with Blogging U and I have high hopes that I’ll gain more experience with writing down the road.

More to come so stay tuned!