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The alarm went off this morning at it’s usual time.  6am.  I hit snooze as I normally do because I know I have time for another 5 min to just lay in bed before I have to get up to face the day.

As I lay there, a thought popped into my head….”July 7th….something about that date rings familiar….not quite sure what it is…..ooooh wait a min….yes I do remember.”  It was something I’d actually choose to forget but it’s still there.  Still a reminder every year.  This was the day my husband walked out…suitcase in hand….three years ago.

Was it really three years???!!


Time flies when you’re having….

Well, time just flies.

It stayed with me today.  I even heard a song on the radio coming home from work and I chose not to change the channel.  Almost to test my strength as a gauge on how far I’ve come.  I listened and even sang part of the lyrics.  Shocked!  AND PROUD!  Why?  No tears.  I’m growing…no, I’VE GROWN!

2c1bd2972dd8b069dd97bbb10f7609abI wonder what next year will be like.  Will I remember again next year or the year after that?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that this date will come around every year without fail.  I’ll have to deal with it for 24 hours and then it will be gone.

Another victory of a date that signifies an end.  Or maybe it signifies a beginning!

One day….it will be just a date and I won’t recall the significance at all.  One day….