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Family started arriving yesterday for my uncle’s funeral this afternoon.  I knew I would enjoy seeing them but little did I realize the bittersweet feeling of why they were in town.

We sat for hours and laughed over old memories of a man I grew up with and shared many laughs with.  I watched my Dad and his brother share memories of a sibling that was no longer here with us.  No longer would his laughter be heard at the same table we were all sitting around.  My heart broke for my Dad as I saw the hurt in his eyes even as he shared happy times and laughed about them.  My uncle was too young to leave this world but when the Lord calls you home, it’s His time, not ours.

I drove home listening to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” and it certainly fit the man we were preparing to say goodbye to.  Tears rolled down my cheeks as happier times played like an old movie in my mind.  It just seems surreal that he is gone…but gone he is.

We all grieve in different ways and I’m thankful to have that time spent with family recalling old memories but then we all retreat to our own solitude and look back on them in the quietness of spirit.  Wishing we had just one more day….but knowing….that day will come when we do see them again.