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article-2030236-0D926A0200000578-4_634x362Today is a special day.  Nine years ago today was my first day on the job where I’m currently working.  Big company so it was a little intimidating.  Being an extrovert I knew I wouldn’t have a hard time meeting new people but intimidating all the same.

I received the same tour around the office that all new employees apparently got.  Then it was time to settle in at my new desk and fill out all the fun paperwork that a new hire is tasked with.

But the day isn’t special because I have made it nine years on my job, not that I’m not proud of that.  Nope.  It’s special because it’s where I crossed paths with one of my closest and dearest friends.  My “sister from another mother” as we’ve dubbed ourselves.  So much more than a best friend to me….she’s been my lifeline in so many ways that I can’t even begin to describe (but I’m going to try).  She’s mentioned in one of my previous posts.  She was my angel in the darkest hour of my life.  You can read through the story here and see how my special friend impacted who I am today.

I met Zee in the copier room on my first day.  We exchanged pleasantries and introductions.  Her and I both have a very unique name but we got each others names correct the first time.  Trust me, that’s difficult for most people trying to pronounce my name as well as hers.  We became fast friends ever since.

But our bond has grown stronger over the years.  I cannot even begin to express my bond with her.  I want to give a special tribute to our friendship in this post and hopefully I’ll be able to shine light on what makes us more than best friends….we are sisters in God’s eyes.

1. She is never too busy to talk to me.

2. She always has an encouraging word for me on a bad day.

3. We always start our mornings off by getting coffee together in the company bistro.

4. She includes me in all of her family activities.

5. She thinks I’m funny (even if I’m not trying to be).

6. She can be a better therapist than the money I spend on seeing one.

7. My first birthday party was my 40th and she surprised me by throwing one in my honor at her home with all of my friends.

8. Because of her, her family sees me as “family”.

9. She has the brightest and biggest smile to light a room and cheer up any dark day.

10. She has cried with me when I’ve cried.

11. She reads scripture with me and prays with me.

12. When I get angry over something she will be the first to bring me back to reality.

13. She loves green and I love pink…even our favorite colors look classy together.

14. She included me in her special day when she said her vows to the love of her life.

15. She is a wonderful mother to her girls.

16. She understands my life journey and the challenges I’ve faced because she’s lived with much of the same challenges.

17. When I’m sick she’s ready to bring chicken soup over.

18. We both love Chipotle for lunch some days.

19. She was there by my side when I got baptized in the ocean last year.

20. Last but not least, we’ve never had cross words with each other.  She’s the most loving, accepting, non judgmental person I know.  If I can live my life being half the Christian woman that she is I will leave this world content.

Here’s to many more years of friendship with a lady I’m proud to call “family!”