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6008d4aba6e2dbd6ccc4defbdc219debA couple of days ago I posted about a very close friend of mine that I’ve known for 9 years.  I am fortunate enough to say that God has blessed me with another very dear friend that I’ve known for almost 20 years!  I can’t even believe I’m typing that number but that’s how long it’s been.  She’s another best friend of mine that I can’t imagine life without.  She’s been there through all the important events in my life and there is still so much more to share in the future.

I haven’t spoken much about my first marriage but I got married to my high school sweetheart when I was 19 years old.  I’m fairly certain that choice was to get away from home and live life as a “grown up”.  Boy, did I jump from the frying pan to the fire.

My first husband was physically abusive to me and the marriage was short lived.  I filed for divorce and moved into an apartment alone.  I met my second husband not too long into my separation.

One day in the middle of the workweek, at my office, I ran into a very tall blonde girl (well everyone is tall compared to me haha) coming or going from the Ladies Room.  I can’t remember which, but I’d seen her several times before.  We struck up a conversation and it turned out that she was going through a divorce as well.  AND her attorney was MY attorney.  Parallel #1.

She also was dating someone during her separation as I was and we’d agreed to meet up for dinner one night.  Parallel #2.

Her and I hit it off immediately and we became inseparable.  Her boyfriend and mine also became best buds so it was just a fun little time back then.

13871-Your-Best-FriendWe did everything together.  Movies, dinner, played pool, etc.  You name it…where you saw one, you saw the other.  Her and I would go to lunch together during the week to the same little Mexican place to have one of the $4.99 combo lunch specials.

June 1999 she got married and I got married just two weeks after her. Parallel #3.

When she moved out of the area it broke my heart but distance hasn’t caused any hiccups in our friendship.  God made us inseparable even through distance.

Several years later, she was going through a divorce and I was so saddened by this.  I was heartbroken for her because I wasn’t close in proximity to be there to comfort her and because I knew how hard it had to be for her.

Three years ago, I went through the darkest time of my life and she was the first person I called besides my parents.  She would sit on the phone and cry with me and send me daily emails to get me through the day.  She’d send me Christian music to listen to and checked in on me constantly to make sure I was getting through another 24 hours.  I was getting a divorce.  Unfortunately, Parallel #4.

Along with my friend Zee, she was my crutch to make sure I could get back on my own two feet and find happiness in life again.  She poured herself into our friendship during that time and I knew she was unwavering in her friendship.  She always has been.  I can ALWAYS count on her and that is unmistakeable!

She’s remarried now to her prince and they are true soulmates.  They also have a beautiful little boy that I gush over every time I get to see him.

I know a child is not in my future but my fingers are crossed that one day my parallel #5 moment will be my own Prince Charming!

Cheers to living parallel lives!