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boat-driftingHave you ever asked that question?  “God, where are you?”

I think a lot of us can relate to that sentiment.  We feel He isn’t there or we can’t hear Him.  We can’t find Him.  Mostly because we feel like we aren’t getting what WE want out of life so we end up doing our own thing.  What does that look like?  It resembles us drifting away.

God doesn’t move.  We do.  He “stays put”!  We are the ones that tend to get too busy, get distracted or let habitual sin take over so we eventually feel separated from God.

Let me repeat….God is always there!  We have to build that relationship with Him just like any other relationship we have in order to feel close to Him.

We all know what it’s like to have friends….acquaintances.  Those people we work with or we meet through other people.  We know their names, what they look like but do we REALLY know them?

It’s the friends that we spend time with, share our thoughts with, laugh and cry with….or if you’re like me and my close friends you get together for a Rock Band jam session…..those are the friends you know best.  The ones you take the time to build a lasting foundation.

It’s the same with God.  We need to spend quality time with Him in order to KNOW him.  Not just “know of” Him.

There are a few reasons why we may tend to “drift away” from our spiritual life. Now don’t get me wrong here…everything I’m about to recite below, I’m just as guilty of so there’s no passing of judgement on this end of the computer screen:

Sometimes we let our schedules get in the way.  We get too busy with work or we are too much of a social butterfly (no blog pun intended here but I’m guilty of being classified as such).  It’s essential to not “over-book” yourself.  I’ve actually done this with church functions.  Running back and forth to church being active in the community but not taking time for myself and God alone.  I didn’t have enough “quiet time” in my life.   Is it time for you to prune back some events on your calendar so God gets first place?

Are you setting your heart on things that really don’t matter?  Have you fallen in love with “things or activities”?  This is just another area you could take a look at and see if you may fall into this category.

Trials in life can cause a lot of discouragement and this can lure you away from spiritual activities or functions.  These trials can take our eyes off of the Lord and shift our focus to our problems.  When these times creep in, that’s when it’s essential to grow closer to the Lord not run from Him.

Materialism or over abundance can cause us to drift away.  What do I mean by this?  Sometimes we can be blessed enough monetarily to have the means to choose recreation over our worship time.  For example, some may find it more enticing to play a round of golf or go boating instead of heading off to church on Sunday morning.  Prosperity and abundance can often lure us away from our Creator.

Many people drift away from God because of habitual sin in their lives.  When this gets a grip on our soul and spirit we feel guilt, shame and we begin to detach ourselves from God.  When this happens we may feel reluctant to pray or even read the Bible.  In this situation, we can be freed from this bondage by confessing our sins and turning back to God for restoration.

These are just a few examples and again, I’ve had my battles with a handful of these myself.  I wanted to share this with my readers in case there is anyone out there that may be reading this and find some truth hidden in the words above.

Pull yourself closer to Him, drop your anchor and BE STILL.  You’ll find the most amazing love and His Love is Everlasting!