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shield1A huge shout out goes to one of my favorite bloggers, Terri with Diary of a Recovering Codependent!  She is the creator of the Courage to Change award and she was so kind to nominate me.

I was literally speechless today when I saw the nomination and I have to honestly say that it was quite the honor to accept something like this from someone that has first hand knowledge of the struggles I’ve faced as a codependent myself.  She has more years of recovery on me but knows how much of a daily battle it is to keep our codependent nature in check.

She is one of the first to respond to my very transparent posts, she was one of the first five bloggers that I followed and vice versa and I learn something new from her journey almost daily.

I am looking forward to “paying it forward” by nominating others that I feel are so deserving of this award as well.

Thank you again, Terri!

The “Courage to Change” Award

  • I want to acknowledge that it takes courage to put ourselves out there for the world to see.
  • It takes courage to work through the pain that binds us.
  • It takes courage to make changes in our lives.
  • It takes courage to leave behind everything you have always known (mentally, emotionally & sometime physically) and do things differently.

Courage is:

  • the ability to do something that frightens one
  • strength in the face of pain or grief

I would like to present the following bloggers with the very first “Courage to Change” Awards:

  1. surviving the specter
  2. Mistakenldy
  3. Tessa
  4. Abbiegrrl
  5. KatieComeBack

The guidelines for this award:

  • Award it to whomever you chose and let them know
  • No questions to ask
  • No questions to answer
  • If you receive the award, there is nothing you have to do but KNOW others support and believe in you! However, I hope you to pay it forward and encourage someone who is on their own personal journey to freedom (from whatever they may be struggling with).