My new friend, Terri of Diary of a Recovering Codependent has nominated me for the Encouraging Thunder Award for which I am truly grateful! Her blog is about her journey as a recovering codependent.  I have read so many amazing posts from her and I think you would enjoy it as well. Please take a few minutes and visit her blog to learn more.  You won’t be sorry!

Like Terri, I started my blog about a month ago after immersing myself in two classes at church.  Making Peace with Your Past and Conquering Codependency.

The second class on how to battle your codependent nature through a 12 step program was a pivotal learning process.  I grew leaps and bounds once I discovered that codependent was a huge part of my personality.

I was raised by a mother that battled alcoholism and then I became a divorcee two times over.  I believe my “fixer” and “caretaker” mentality comes from these major events in my life.  Those are not horrible traits to have but they can certainly turn from helpful to controlling and obsessive traits.

My blog is much like Terri’s.  I came here to blog about my life.  Share my experiences of where I’ve come from and how I’ve grown through it all as a codependent human being.  I also try to pepper writings that speak to my heart.  It may not have anything to do with codependency but it’s about my life regardless.  You’ll see posts about my faith, my family as well as my friends.  In short, all three of those are what make me who I am today and they are what have brought me to a much better me.

A “me” I’m proud to be!

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