Some people don’t like to acknowledge their birthday but I’m one that feels like birthdays are pretty special.  For me, I never even work on my birthday.  I think it should be celebrated!  It’s the day you came into the world and made a difference somehow….some way.  Even if you don’t think you do.

Well, I got to spend my day today celebrating the birthday of a great guy!  One of my closest friends who some of you may already know.  You’ve seen him around here as Surviving the Specter but I knew him before he was a blogger.  I met him over a year ago at church.

Such a kind, generous, “give you the shirt off his back” kinda guy.  I’m lucky to call him my friend! I’ve been fortunate enough to have the kind of friend in him that I can call on at any time and trust he will listen and give sound advice.  Advice I have always taken to heart.  Then there have been times when he’s allowed me to be a friend to him.  Friendship is a mutual give and take and over time it builds a strong bond for years to come.  That’s the kind of friendship Chris and I have….the kind that will last a lifetime.

I wanted to take time tonight to wish him a wonderful birthday! He deserves all the happiness life can possibly bring him and I pray God will shower him with blessings this year and many more years down the road.

Thank you, Chris for being an example for all of us that know you.  I look up to you, I respect you…..and I’m damn glad I have you for an awesome Rock Band drummer!  LOL! 🙂

So with that being said…..