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“Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world because even your shadow leaves you when you’re in darkness”

Read that statement….then read it again.

It’s true.

You may think just because you have parents they won’t desert you but I’m proof that’s not true.  Just because someone gives birth to a child doesn’t make them a good parent and one that won’t be accessible when you need them.

You may think because you’re married you’ll never get divorced but people wake up everyday with different feelings.  Divorces happen all the time.  I was married 15 years and my husband decided he wanted to be with other women because he got married too young and didn’t “experience life”. Nice.

You may have had a best friend for 20 years but life could get in the way and you may be replaced with someone new because distance is too hard to keep up a friendship.

You may meet someone and fall in love at first sight and just know they feel the exact same way but in the end it’s one sided and unrequited which is a very sad thing.

You may think you have a solid relationship that people marvel at and think you are a perfect couple but no one is perfect and there isn’t a promise for tomorrow nor do you know what goes on behind closed doors.

You may share a bond with someone so deep that nothing could tear it apart…but at the end of the day everyone is broken and no one owes you anything.

No one owes you loyalty. No one owes you respect.  No one owes you their reliability in your life.  You trust that they will but nothing in this life is guaranteed.

God is a guarantee…He won’t leave when everyone else does.  You can bet He will always be there catching your tears in a bottle every time you’re disappointed by another crushing blow of reality.  Reality that you can’t really depend on people.  It’s a risk we all take.

I’ve lost a lot of people in my life but it’s also been a cycle or recycling I could say.  The Lord gives and He takes away.  And that’s life.

The only person thus far that has left me and not broken my heart intentionally was my Nana.  Even as a grown woman it would be nice to have her to talk to or cry to or just be held.  There’s something about grandmothers.  Mine was an angel on earth.  I still miss her all the time.

Furthermore, as I’m facing the golden years with my German Shepherd I know he’s another that will never intentionally break  my heart but God will need him back one day and I won’t have him to depend on at the door when I walk in or wake me up with his wet nose in my face.  But I wouldn’t trade the years I’ve had with him for anything.  Forever is not in his life span unfortunately so I cherish each day I do have with him.

Life is a journey.  We face many disappointments.  We try to be strong for those that may need it most….but behind every smile is a broken heart.

Never depend on anyone 100%…it’s not possible for people to give you their all.  They may mean well but you’ll find yourself disappointed at some point in time.