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know-your-worth-when-someone-treats-you-like-youre-just-6203503Isn’t that how the old saying goes? But don’t most of us give people the benefit of the doubt?  Not that I don’t see anything wrong with giving someone a second chance but sometimes you have to REALLY pay attention to actions.  Are they capable of doing it again or most importantly….did it strike a trigger that you have within you that you can’t just MAKE GO AWAY and GET OVER IT!  Nope it’s something that will stay….long until we are all buried and gone.  We can try and sweep it under the rug or say to ourselves we are being good people but lessening the pain of someone else by letting them back  in to show us how sorry they are.

But think about this…what if it’s an education to the other person of your tolerance level and they begin to do it again.They hurt you over and over again until you have become so accustomed to it that you think you deserve nothing better.  I say HALT!  No More!  Isn’t once enough?  If someone really I mean REALLY truly cared about you would they do it in the first place.  Really read that over again to yourself.  Sure…people make mistakes….not saying that.  But please, for God’s sake, listen to the voice God gave you deep inside to let you know something is OFF!

If someone has triggered your innermost childlike hurts and pains and can’t see it or doesn’t see it shouldn’t you only truly be allowed to be burned once.  Why would you put your hand on a hot stove just to make sure it won’t hurt as bad next time. Oh it will!  There are very few out there that care enough to really not want to see another hurt. I, unfortunately, feel like I’m the last of the dying breed that is like that.  I would walk through fire for my friends and loved ones but not sure they would do the same for me.  That’s called unconditional love/friendship.  As long as they never crossed  a line that made me reel backwards from the shock of their actions or words.  Because folks, if that happens, I’m a Christian woman, I will pray for that person, FROM AFAR!  Forgiveness doesn’t always mean reconciliation

I have dealt with many in my 40-something years and it’s taken me this long to figure it doesn’t need to be a lesson learned over and over and over again.  Pay attention to peoples actions not their pretty words.  Some people can change…true. As for me, I’m making a pact with myself that I’m not tolerating something more than once if it’s unhealthy for me and brings up bad memories.  That’s my rant for today!  Peace!